Monday, September 20, 2010

TrekShare - Crashing a Laos Marriage - Part 2.

When all is clear I'm aware that I would have jumped on the back of either of their scooters. I just wanted guarantee that we were not going to take some bladdered steroid plagued crotch rocket ride harking back to school. This was not one of those occasions when somebody drinking should not drive.

Any reasonable person would think it a little off-color to collapse a marriage. It would not be the 1st time leering eyes would be cast on me as I casually pressed my way up to the smorgasboard table. Here's a educational page all about lace wedding veils. Some folk may not know what the word "crash" means in the 1st sentence.

For those people who've been sheltered from massive community centres / bowling alleys for the period of your lives I can understand. Variety nevertheless, is a relative word in Laos. Up till this point I had only drank Whiskey Lao and Tiger whiskey, which seem to be the 2 competing, brands. The great side of drinking in Laos is the one glass rule or in this situation one glass and one-shot glass rule. This guarantees that when you're given a drink you pound it instantly.

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