Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ceramic Rings.

Which Hand for Marriage Bands? The hand that wedding bands are worn on differs from country to country and culture to culture. By default, most folks wear their rings on the left hand. Nations like Colombia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine and Venezuela historically wear their rings on the right hand. This is a cool thread on the topic of wedding veils. In parts of India - a toe-rings Bichiya are worn rather than marriage bands on a finger - and increasingly worn together with finger marriage bands. Other customs, maybe more contemporary, include either partner wearing the others rings on a chain round the neck rather than the ring finger as more of a social statement of being married. Actually it's the virtual indestructibility of ceramic wedding bands that's making them so popular . What are ceramic wedding bands? They are made of a mix of milled pure ceramic materials and zirconium, which is then heated to over 6000deg,, leading to a molten liquid.

These king of rings are harder than titanium, and virtually as tough as a tungsten carbide marriage band. This is excellent news for those unlucky folks who've contact allergies to metals. This is particularly serious for people that need a black marriage band. The colour of it r eally is solid and contained the entire way thru the ring. Tungsten wedding bands that are made with a cobalt amalgamate rather than carbon, can oxidise and change colour, this can never occur with a ceramic ring. * Many styles or ceramic rings to choose from.

And if you remember the old show Satisfied Days - a lifesaver candy.

If the better half returned home and found the ring in a different arrangement, then it might have was critical of the fidelity of the other. After first anniversary or kid, a gift of forever ring is given, generally a 3 ring mixture. This convention is particularly noted in Britain.

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